Art and the Sounders

By Robert Martin (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1964 by Ernest Benn
Illustrated by Graham Coton
First edition wrapper. Click to enlarge and see full picture
First edition dustwrapper
Graham Coton
Benn 1964
Art likes playing his geetar. He plays most of the time. And that makes Cleo cross. She wants Art to spend more time with her.

So Cleo goes off with some other boys. Art knows that they are no good and that they will lead her into trouble. But he gets Cleo out of trouble - with the help of his geetar ! And that begins The Sounders' big success.

First edition:
Ernest Benn 1964:
Hardback, with dustwrapper; brown cloth boards with silver blocking on spine, plain front board; 130x190mm; 118pp; 36 listed illustrations and a final vignette; dustwrapper red and yellow - upper red on spine faded away on my copy - see expanded picture; front flap has short summary of story - reproduced above - and the statement This book has a vocabulary of approximately 500 words; cover price 8s 6d net beneath a single black star; rear flap lists this and Killer Road as ONE-STAR BANDITS.
(My copy is ex-school library. It has a Benn sticker placed over the original pricing giving a revised cost of 10s net [50p]. The markings in the book suggest that it was acquired by the library in 1972. John)

Bandit Books
This book and Killer Road both have a limited vocabulary of 500 words and are liberally sprinkled with illustrations. Both appear to be aimed at older youngsters - in their mid-teens, and ones who have some difficulty in reading. The language is what might be described as 'street speech' nowadays, like the spelling of 'geetar'.
The two other Bandit books by Robert Martin, advertised on the back of the dustwrapper, appear to be aimed at a similar reader, but with an expanded vocabulary.

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