Boy's Choice

First Published 1965 by Golden Pleasure Books
Illustrated by Laszlo B. Acs
First design wrapper. Click to enlarge
First design dustwrapper
Laszlo B Acs
on the 3rd imp.
Golden Pleasure 1967
This collection of 22 short stories by various authors contains three by Reginald Alec Martin.
These are:
The Wild Ones by Rex Dixon
Imperno Strikes Again by Nicholas Marrat
Toddy Proves his Point by Robert Martin

Mike spotted that on the Acknowledgements page the three stories are stated as being R. A. Martin. It was this discovery which gave us the author's use of the pseudonym Nicholas Marrat.

The other authors represented in the collection are:
E. W. Hildick; Aubrey Feist; Richard Armstrong; Howard Jones; Charles King; Geoffrey Trease; Robert Bateman; Fielden Hughes; Alan C. Jenkins; Ian Serraillier; Edward G. Cowan; Gordon Grinstead; John Davies and Reginald Maddock.

First edition:
Golden Pleasure Books 1965:
Hardback with dustwrapper; dark blue boards with gilt blocking on the spine; 359pp; illustrated throughout in black and white by Laszlo B. Acs who also provided the full colour painting for the wrap-around dustwrapper.
4th impression Hamlyn 1968:
Hamlyn took over the publishing - probably absorbing the Golden Pleasure list and retained the book without change. All the stories are here, each with its illustration; the same dustwrapper now bears Hamlyn on the spine - as can be seen from the enlarged full picture on the right.
Hamlyn version. Click to enlarge
Now under Hamlyn
dustwrapper by Laszlo B Acs
retained on the 4th imp.
New dustwrapper. Click to enlarge
second style dustwrapper
for the 5th impression
Hamlyn 1971
5th impression Hamlyn 1971:
The following impression retains all the stories in their original form, complete with original illustrations by Laszlo B Acs, but the dustwrapper is by another, unnamed, artist and depicts a different scene. ISBN 0-601-08635-X; cover price 50p.

Reprinted 1973: with dustwrapper.

Dustwapper abandoned and the cover changed to laminated pictorial - still with the same image of divers around the sunken plane.

Reprinted 1981: laminated boards.

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