A Book of Boys Stories

By Robert Bateman
and Nicholas Marrat (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1964 by Golden Pleasure Books
Illustrated by Pat Nevin
First design wrapper. Click to enlarge
First style dustwrapper
Pat Nevin
Golden Pleasure Books
2nd imp. 1965
A collection of short stories by the two authors. Most stories have one black and white line illustration by Pat Nevin. The first two impressions also have a full colour frontispiece which had disappeared by the 7th impression.
The book was regularly reprinted until at least the mid 1990s.

Over this period there were reductions in the number of stories. For the third impression in 1966 two stories were omitted, one being The Explosive Twins. In 1979 seven more stories were cut, including Marrat's The Fighting Flanagans, reducing the number of stories to 16.
Of the seven stories provided by Reginald Martin under the name Nicholas Marrat for the first edition all but these two were retained until at least 1984.

The original dustwrapper design by Pat Nevin is distinctly 1960s in style. It was replaced by an 'updated' version by an uncredited artist whose signature is unfortunately indecipherable.
A third cover design appeared later with a naval battle theme, again, uncredited.

Of the 25 stories in the original collection, only the following seven were recorded as 'by Nicholas Marrat':

The Planetoid Grid
Boy With a Gun
Murder is for Men
Chad Stenson - TV Reporter
Imperno Quarterno - Special Agent
The Explosive Twins (dropped in 1966)
The Fighting Flanagans (dropped in 1979)
These all have an illustration by Pat Nevin.

First edition:
Golden Pleasure books 1964:
392pp; colour frontispiece; 25 stories.

2nd imp. Golden Pleasure Books 1965:
Hardback with d/w; dated 'Second impression 1965'; dark blue cloth with gilt blocking; 392pp; colour frontispiece, signed 'Pat Nevin', of divers with anchor and rock; 25 stories; dustwrapper picture signed 'Nevin' wraps to include the spine, rear is plain blue with book summary in yellow; cover price 7s 6d.
( JA and MM copies)

3rd imp. 1966:
Hardback with first design dustwrapper; 360pp; 23 stories.

4th imp. Golden Pleasure Books 1967:
Hardback with dustwrapper, original design; dark blue cloth with gilt blocking on spine; 23 stories; dustwrapper first design.

? Hamlyn 1968:
Hardback, blue boards in dustwrapper; 360pp.

? Hamlyn 1969:
Hardback; 360pp.

6th imp. Hamlyn 1972:
Hardback with dustwrapper; blue boards with gilt blocking; 23 stories; 360pp;dustwrapper wrap around with modernised version of original spacemen fighting design..

7th imp. Hamlyn 1973:
Hardback with dustwrapper; dark blue cloth with white blocking on spine; 360pp; 23 stories; 6 of the Marrat stories (including The Fighting Flanagans); dustwrapper wrap around with modernised version of original spacemen fighting design. (JA copy)

8th imp. Hamlyn 1975:
Hardback with dustwrapper; 360pp.

9th imp. Hamlyn 1977:
Hardback with dustwrapper (second design); blue cloth.

10th imp. Hamlyn 1978:
Hardback with dustwrapper; 360pp.

Click to enlarge
second design
on the Hamlyn 1973 edn.
Hamlyn 1979:
Abridged edition
Hardback;with dustwrapper; pale blue boards; 150x210mm; 272pp; missing NM stories are The Explosive Twins and The Fighting Flanagans. (MM copy)

2nd imp. of abridged edition Hamlyn :

3rd imp. of abridged edition Hamlyn 1982:
Hardback with pictorial boards of 'modern' spacemen in fight; 272pp; 16 stories, 5 by Marrat. (JA copy)

Click to enlarge
Third cover design
by an uncredited artist
as pictorial boards
on the Hamlyn 1984 edn.
4th imp. of abridged edition Hamlyn 1983:
Hardback with pictorial cover.

5th imp. of abridged edition Hamlyn 1984:
Hardback with pictorial cover of sea battle; 272pp; 16 stories (5 by N Marrat); cover price 1.75.(JA copy)

Hamlyn 1995:
Hardcover; cover price 1.85.

Foreign editions:
Golden Press 1975
First Australian edition; hardback with d/w; blue cloth with gilt blocking; 268pp; illustrated by Pat Nevin.
16 stories only, Nicholas Marrat's contribution being the five which were retained when The Fighting Flanagans was dropped for UK editions.

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