Bonaventure and the Flashing Blade

By Gary Sobers
First Published 1967 by Pelham
first edition dustwrapper. Click to enlarge
dustwrapper by
Douglas Leggat
Pelham 1967
Clyde St. Joseph Bonaventure has a passion for computers and is being trained by Star Computers in secret processes at their Midlands research headquarters. Clyde was born and raised in London. That he shows no interest in cricket saddens his family, especially as his uncle is Gary Sobers and cricket is in his blood.
Star Computers sponsor many sports throughout the world, including a team of international cricketers in a series of matches, and expect Clyde to play in their team. So Clyde works out a programme of how he thinks his cricket should be played, feeds this into a computer and comes up with surprising answers . He belts over 200 runs off world-class bowling, then takes 6 wickets for less than a hundred runs.

But success leads to danger . . . .

First Edition:
Pelham 1967:
Hardback with dustwrapper; 120x180mm; light blue cloth with gilt blocking; 160pp; no illustrations; dustwrapper picture by Douglas Leggat in colour wraps to include the spine (illustrated above, click to see full picture); front flap has publisher's 'blurb' see above (note spelling of 'programme'); cover price 13s 6d).

The book carries an advertisement for the book The Prize and the Game by Denis Law.

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