Brett Cameron

pseudonym of Reginald Alec Martin

Author of Western fiction for adults 1951-1952.

The following quote is from the rear dustwrapper flap of the first edition of The Laughing Guns:

Like Hank McCoy, one of the leading storytellers in the Western field, Brett Cameron has the priceless advantage of knowing intimately the background and the kind of red-blooded men around whom he weaves his exciting yarns.

He writes to us as follows: "An ex-cavalryman, ex-cowboy and "ex" many other things, I don't aim to be an ex-author, I guess. Maybe I don't shine my pants on a saddle these days, but I still reckon the darnedest life for a youngster is nursing cattle from the saddle of a cow pony !"

That's a bit cheeky really - as Brett Cameron and Hank McCoy are both Reginald Martin ! (see Sources 4 and 13).

As Brett Cameron he was the author of four books (as far as we know). These are:

The Blue Sombrero in 1951
and in 1952:
The Laughing Guns
The Cautious Caballero
and The Guns of San Rosala

The books were published by Werner Laurie and all feature Don Panchito - they form the Blue Sombrero stories.

The first of these books was published in Western Monthly magazine in Australia., in issue 64, in June 1953.
As far as we know it was the only one, but others may appear !

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