Buck Savage

Probably a pseudonym of Reginald Alec Martin

Author of Western fiction for adults 1950-1953.

The ranges of the west are well known to English-born Buck Savage. At an early age he ran away from home and, since then, has spent a lifetime in the wilds of Texas. He has himself ridden herd in that country, and has had as his partners on the trail men like those of whom he tells in this story. He has seen the great canyons and rolling mesas of which he writes, and has caught the virility and lustiness of the early days when the West was growing under the hands of those tough, honest pioneers who built from virgin prairie many of the cattle fortunes of today. From the pages of their glorious past he brings to life the characters who rode and fought over the untamed trails of the West. As he says: "Those old-timers sure had eveything - 'cept mebbe a long life, but I figure it ain't the years in yore life - it's the life in yore years, and by jimminy, them fellas sure packed 'em !"

Quoted from the rear of the dustwrapper of Call of the Canyon published by Forbes Robertson in 1953

Buck Savage was the author of six books (as far as we know). These are:

Lariats of Death in 1950

Riders of the Renegade and Destiny Trail, in 1951

Herds of Lampasa in 1952.

The Pecos Plainsman and Call of the Canyon in 1953.

The books form a series - all feature Speed Johnson.

At the bottom of the front flap of Call of the Canyon it states:

This is the sixth Buck Savage novel in the Forbes Robertson Western Club.
Buck Savage is now recognised as one of the leading Western authors of today.

Although the British Library do not state that the name is a pseudonym - if any weight is to be given to the last statement - even allowing for a load of publisher's exaggeration - it's unlikely that it would be said of an author of only six books.
The description of the author's previous life are so close to that of Hank McCoy - established Western writer for Werner Laurie - that the coincidence is suspect.
In the early 1950s Reginald Martin started writing mainly for Nelson.

Both Herds of Lampasa and Call of the Canyon were issued in paperback by Nelson in 1956.

Advertised along with his books are those of another Western author for Forbes Robertson, who was also later published in paperback by Nelson. This is Burt Merrill. We suspect that he might be yet another of Reginald Martin's pseudonyms.

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