Burt Merrill

Probably a pseudonym of Reginald Alec Martin

Author of Western fiction for adults 1951-1952

There is as yet no direct evidence to link this author with Reginald Alec Martin.
The British Library catalogue states that the author's name is a pseudonym, but gives no information as to the author's identity.
We suspect that his fellow author for the publisher Forbes Robertson, Buck Savage, was a pseudonym of Martin, but again there is no direct link and we have not seen the books, so have no description of the author's life.
Burt Merrill's books are advertised on those by Buck Savage.
Books by these are reissued by Nelson, along with Scott Martin, another pen-name of Martin, in paperback in the mid 1950s.
All these authors of Western novels appear to have had a writing career lasting no longer than the first few years of the 1950s, when Martin's career as a children's writer took off.

Burt Merrill was the author of two books (as far as we know). These are:

Vengeance Trail in 1951
Guns of Delta City in 1952

Both books were published by Forbes Robertson and were advertised on the dustwrapper, and inside, Call of the Canyon by Buck Savage.*
The books both feature Sheriff Spike Haliday.

Guns of Delta City was issued in paperback by Nelson in 1956, as were two of Buck Savage' s Westerns.

* On the dustwrapper the surname is spelled as above, yet on the page within the book it is written as 'Merril'. The British Library use the spelling adopted here.

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