Cricket Crusader

By Gary Sobers
First Published 1966 by Pelham Books
First edition wrapper. Click to enlarge
First edition dustwrapper
Pelham Books 1966
It is only a few years since the name Gary Sobers hit press headlines as yet another man from the colourful West Indies Islands whose cricketing character held promise of greatness. That promise is being fulfilled today as the young, popular Gary Sobers grows in stature as a world cricketer.
He may be thought young to be writing an autobiography. It is not the length of years but what a man puts into those years which makes a life. Gary Sobers has crammed more cricket into his life than many men twice his age. He holds the World Record for the highest individual score in any Test Match. Cricketing journalists and his fellow players have honoured him throughout the world. he is one of the outstanding world cricketers of all-time.
His story is simply told. He is a reserved, quiet-spoken man, yet just as his bat flashes the ball like a bullet to the boundary, so his humour sparks from him in bubbling sincerity. Behind the simple words there lies the implacable strength of character, the surging ambitions of his early years, the remorseless search for perfection in his chosen craft. It is not the usual story of the usual cricketer. Gary Sobers is not a usual character.
This is not a cricket book filled with scorecards. It is the story of how a young man has come to greatness via the road of endless work and unquenchable ambition. He tells of those who have helped him, of his own cricketing heroes. He tells of injuries and defeats which led to success where others would surely have failed. He tells of tragedy, deep and personal. He tells of excitements, of great matches like the famous Test Match Tie in Brisbane. And he poses a few pungent points for pundits to squabble over.
The game has no finer crusader.

First edition:
Pelham Books 1966:
Hardback, with dustwrapper; brown cloth boards with gilt blocking; 145x223mm; 169 pages; illustrated with 30 black and white photographs; duswrapper front flap has the 'blurb' transcribed above; cover price 25s net.

Inside the book is the statement:

My sincere thanks to R A Martin for his collaboration
in the writing of my story and preparation of the
manuscript of Cricket Crusader

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