Carlotti Joins the Team

By Mike Hawthorn
First Published 1959 by Cassell
Illustrated by J E McConnell

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first edition dustwrapper
J E McConnell
Cassell 1959
This thrilling adventure story for young motor racing enthusiasts is the first of an intended series upon which Mike Hawthorn embarked on his retirement, stories with a fictional plot set against the real-life background of international racing that had been Mike Hawthorn's life.

'Carlotti Joins The Team' introduces Carlotti Smith, a boy of mixed parentage whose single passion in life is motor racing. Carlotti idolizes Mike, and his only wish is to emulate his hero and become a top-line racing driver himself. He wheedles his way into Mike's acquaintance and in a tremendous event at Silverstone, risks his life to save Mike from a smash.

Mike obtains Carlotti a position as an apprentice in a small struggling quipe owned by Tony Marston, and at the Nrburgring, Carlotti seizes an opportunity, to the alarm of everybody present, of demonstrating his natural talent for driving.

The draft of the second story of the adventures of Carlotti was delivered only a few days before the author's tragic death.

It will be published late in August under the title 'Carlotti Takes the Wheel'.

The above 'blurb' is from the front flap of the first edition dustwrapper.

First edition:
Cassell 1959:
Hardback, with dustwrapper: Red cloth with gold blocking; 140x205 mm; 166 pages; frontispiece and five text illustrations, all in black and white; cover illustration in colour - all by J E McConnell; cover price 10s 6d net.

Advertised in the Elizabethan Magazine April issue 1959.

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