The Claws of the Cougar

By Scott Martin (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1951 by Werner Laurie
not illustrated
first edition wrapper. Click to enlarge
first edition dustwrapper by
Woolf Goldberg
Werner Laurie 1951
The story of young Tom Shafe who took his delicately-reared bride to a broken-down ranch. He was menaced by two dangers: would the cougar or Alice's fears or both defeat Tom's pride and purpose ?

One of the author's early Westerns for adults, and the only one we are aware of under this name.

First Edition:
Werner Laurie 1951:
Hardback with dustwrapper; 125x185mm; black boards, gilt blocking spine only; 222 pages; not illustrated; dustwrapper design byWoolf Goldberg (signed); cover price 9s 6d net.
The publisher's 'blurb' says: 'Scott Martin, already a celebrated writer of full-blooded Westerns under a pseudonym'.

The book is advertised on the back of The Laughing Guns by Brett Cameron (another Reginald Martin pseudonym) published by Werner Laurie in 1952. The above 'blurb' describing the story is from that advert.

Other editions:

Nelson Western 1956:
Small, chunky paperback edition; 120x180 mm; 184 numbered pages; rear of half-title lists 11 titles 'Other books in this series' - no authors listed; full colour wrap around cover by an uncredited artist; cover price 2/- net.
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Paperback cover
Nelson Western 1956

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