Call of the Canyon

By Buck Savage (possibly a pseudonym of Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1953 by Forbes Robertson

First edition wrapper. Click to enlarge and see full picture
First edition dustwrapper
Forbes Robertson 1953
Riding along the Sonora Trail, Speed Johnson and his pardner, Tom Basco, are mistaken for the murderers of Madison, former rancher in Ranibow Valley. Having convinced their ambushers of their innocence, Speed and Tom decide to help Madison's daughter, Glyn, and her Aunt Madie to run the real murderes to earth.

Madison had met his death after receiving several mysterious notes threatening that "The Curse of Laughing Canyon" would wreck (sic) its vengeance on him. On his death Glyn and Aunt Madie had been evicted from the ranch, but Speed is convinced that Aunt Madie, although mad on revenge, knows more of the circumstances of her brother's death than she is prepared to disclose !

Speed rides on to Madison's old ranch, challenges the new manager, and several of Madison's old hands decide to join him to see justice done to their late employer's daughter.

From then on it is war to the hilt, with Speed dealing rough-handed justice to all who stand in its way, until "The Curse of Laughing Canyon" has been silenced, and her rights restored to Glyn Madison.

First edition:
Forbes Robertson 1953:
Hardback with dustwrapper; 120x193mm; yellow cloth; the only blocking is the title in blue at the top of the spine, neither author nor publisher are shown on the cloth covers; 200 pages; not illustrated; the rear of the Contents page has the 'blurb' transcribed above, followed by the description of the author given on the author's page; following the text of the story is an additional page describing the previous five books in the series and also two titles by Burt Merill.
The dustwrapper - signed by what looks like 'Brab,' has a full colour picture on the front panel and a separate design on the spine, which bears the names of author and publisher as well as the book's title . The front flap repeats the 'blurb' and the rear flap lists the books as inside; the rear of the dustwrapper has the description of the author as inside - so similar to the descriptions of Hank McCoy - a known pseudonym of Reginald Martin.

Other Editions:
Nelson Western edition 1956:
New paperback edition; 120x180mm;154 pages; not illustrated; cover artwork wraps completely around the book (see enlarged image); cover price originally 2/- net.
My copy has had an additional '6' added to the price on the cover , presumably reflecting a later price rise.
Click to enlarge and see full cover
paperback edition
Nelson Western 1956

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