Carlotti Takes the Wheel

By Mike Hawthorn
First Published 1959 by Cassell
Illustrated by J. E. McConnell

First edtion wrapper. Click to enlarge and see full picture
First edition
dustwrapper by
J. E. McConnell
Cassell 1959
In this, the second of the stories which Mike Hawthorn wrote for the young motor racing enthusiast before his tragic death, Carlotti Smith, the boy whose one ambition is to emulate Mike's achievement on the track, is well and truly launched on his perilous career.
When Tony Marston won the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa he was promptly signed up to drive Maseratis. Could Carlotti step into his shoes - into the cockpit of Tony's Marston-Special ? Here was Carlotti's chance to prove his worth, and his startling methods, which were as unorthodox as his own nature. He had tremendous confidence in himself, which was very quickly to be tested on a secret circuit in France, at the fabulous 'Twenty-Four Hours' at Le Mans, where he faces his first real trial, and then in a rip-roaring contest at Goodwood, where he takes up the challenge thrown down by snarling engines, screaming tyres and the beckoning sweep of the track.
Lack of experience of a racing Jaguar or of a full-blown Grand Prix car can do more than kill chances and ambitions, and Carlotti nearly oversteps the mark.
Publisher's 'blurb' from the front flap of the first edition ustwrapper.

First edition:
Cassell 1959:
Hardback edition, with dustwrapper; red cloth binding with gold blocking; 140x206mm; 169 pages; illustrated by J E McConnell with a black and white frontispiece and five text illustrations.
[Mike's copy has price-clipped dustwrapper, but originally published at 10s 6d net.]

Other editions:

Children's Book Club c.1960:
Hardback edition, with dustwrapper; smaller than the first edition, 130x190mm; green cloth boards, black sans serif lettering of author and title on spine; 169 pages; black and white line frontispiece and five other text illustrations; dustwrapper has same illustration as first edition and picture wraps to include the spine; the front flap has the publisher's description of the book, reproduced above; there is no cover price on the book.
Book Club edtion wrapper. Click to enlarge and see full picture
Book Club edition
dustwrapper by
J. E. McConnell
Children's Book Club

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