Produced By Ivan Tors
American Television series 1965 - 1969

Dr Tracy, Paula with Clarence at home - from the back of The Happy Hippo
Prompted by the 1965 film Clarence the Cross-eyed Lion which featured the characters Dr Marsh Tracy, jungle veterinarian, and his daughter Paula in their African Animal Hospital, the producer Ivan Tors produced a television series which ran between 1966 and 1969 on television in Britain as well as America.

Perhaps the most popular characters in the series were the animal leads - Clarence the original 'cross-eyed lion' and Judy the mischievous chimpanzee.
The main human chatacters were played by the same actors as in the film, Dr Tracy by Marshall Thompson and his daughter by Cherry Miller.
Filmed on an artificial 'African Jungle' north of Los Angeles; it was originally based on a genuine, similar Animal Hospital in Africa.

The success of the television series lead to many 'spin-off' products, even including toy/models of the Land Rover with figures of Dr Tracy and lion and chimp - many Annuals and large format publications, and several novels of the characters' adventures.
These latter were published in the UK by Four Square paperbacks, a part of the New English Library. The second and third of these were published in 1967 under the name of Frank Denver a name previously used by Reginald Alec Martin for a previous book set in Africa, Okara the Hunter.

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The two Daktari books written by Reginald Alec Martin and published in 1967.

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