E C Eliott

pseudonym of Reginald Alec Martin

Author of Science Fiction for children 1954 -1963.

We know that E C Eliott was a pseudonym of Reginald Martin from the records of the auction sale of a collection of the author's books in 2002 (Source 4); as well as from one of the author's business cards (Source 11). It is also recognised in The Science Fiction Encyclopaedia (Source 12)

The name E. C. Eliott first appeared in 1954, on the first of the Kemlo series of Science fiction stories for children published by Thomas Nelson and Sons.
The series ran until 1963 and consists of fifteen books.

In 1955 two other Sci-Fi stories were published by Nelson in the Panther Library, a new series of books specifically for Secondary Schools, aimed at readers over 11.
These were published as schools editions. Each with a section at the back consisting of a series of questions on each chapter of the story. This was in order to test the reader's understanding of what they had read.
Some of the Panther Library books were also published in red cloth with the Panther logo on the cover, and available to the public to buy in shops.
The two books written as E C Eliott for this series are Tas and the Space Machine and Tas and the Postal Rocket.
Both titles were published as 'shop' versions as well as the soft-covered schools editions, both editions can be seen on the first title's page.

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