Foreign Editions

Survey of advertised books, August 2011
Summary of results

Mike and I hunted on the internet for books by Reginald Alec Martin under the various names he used (as far as we knew at the time). The following summary records, country by country, the number of different editions advertised, and which series they were from.

5 Pocomoto
1 other (The Torella Tigers)

2x Daktari
1 other (The October Story)
7 Pocomoto

2 Kemlo
1 Tas
2 Pocomoto

1 book - unknown which !

5 Kemlo
20 Pocomoto

7 Pocomoto

South Africa:
2 (Okara the Hunter)

6 Kemlo
1 Dance & Co (The Mystery of the Missing Passenger)

4 Joey
2 Kemlo
8 Pocomoto

3 Pocomoto

Total foreign editions advertised = 83

Note: the numbers above are of editions, not individual titles. In some cases they may be different impressions of the same edition.

Details of each book have been recorded from the adverts and will be added to the relevant pages on the site in due course (as will new discoveries as they come along). The accuracy of the information depends a great deal on the accuracy of the advertisement, so should be treated with a certain care !

(Five Dutch titles, advertised as being by Frank Denver have been missed from this list - as we doubt that they are this author's work. Details are given on the Frank Denver page.)

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created 10th January 2012