Guns Across the Sholto

By Hank McCoy (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1950 by Werner Laurie

The second 'Western' novel featuring Larry 'Hunch' Hoyden.

cover of the first edition.. Click to enlarge and see full picture
First edition dustwrapper
artist 'NRS'
Werner Laurie 1950
Again Larry Hoyden and his pardners ride hard when they join one of the most spectacular and famous "beef" drives ever carried out in the West.
Trouble quickly looms over the horizon when Sam Nolan - brother of the crooked sheriff in KILLERS OF RED CANYON - shows himself in the company of a bunch of gun pulling outlaws intent upon stampeding the herd.
Larry, Gabby and Pins take many chances in the choking dust of the drive before their reeking guns settle the argument with utter finality.

Hank McCoy was himself a cow-hand, driving herds through scorched territory once used as the battlegrounds for the outlaws who sought to make money the easy way. From McCoy's own adventurous life emerge these gripping and authentics tories of the days when border towns sprang up overnight and a swift gun-arm was the key to survival.


First edition:
Werner Laurie 1950:
Hardback with dustwrapper; 130x190mm; green cloth with blue blocking, including the usual swing doorway logo on the spine; not illustrated; dustwrapper picture wraps to include the spine, the artist is not credited, but artist's initials 'NRS'can be seen to left of the logo; 'blurb' from the front flap recorded above; cover price 7/6 net.

Foreign editions:

Shakespeare Head, Australia, 1951:
in Western Monthly magazine, issue No. 43, November 1951
The main story in this issue of the cheap 'pulp' magazine. With a new cover illustration.

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