The Golden Boots

By Denis Law
First Published 1967 by Pelham Books
First edition dustwrapper. Click to enlarge
Dustwrapper by
Douglas Leggat
Pelham 1967
People said - whatever happened to Max Goldero, world-cless footballer, later manager of a world-class team ? His son Johnny knew, having grown up in the tears of his father's bitterness, when love of the game had turned to hatred. Such hatred that young Johnny dare not mention the the word football in his own home, much less admit that he longed with all his heart to play it - to wear the Goldero golden boots.
Then Max is killed in a car crash, and Johnny's mother is free to help him start the career he wants.

The story follows his career where he is helped by luck, but the past returns puts him in hazard before the story is over.

First Edition:
Pelham Books 1967:
Hardback with dustwrapper; 120x180mm; mauve cloth with gilt lettering; 155pp; no illustrations; published at 13s 6d [later sticker over Mike's copy has 13/10d].
The dustwrapper picture is by Douglas Leggat; front flap has blurb, part reproduced above, headed by Pelham SPORTACES Novels; rear has has an announcement under the same header for a second title from Denis Law to be published later that year: The Prize and the Game.

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