The Golden Boats of Taradata Affair

By Simon Latter (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1967 by the Souvenir Press
paperback cover. Click to enlarge and see full cover
First edition cover
Souvenir Press 1967
The Island of Taradata is ruled over by the mysterious Palaga family - who used to be pirates.
The island's 'industry' now is exporting coracles to America.
Why ?
April and Mark are sent to investigate.
They enlist the aid of the curious Chas, and uncover a particularly nasty THRUSH plot.
The evil organisation's weapon this time is the common cold.

First edition:
Souvenir Press 1967:
Paperback edition; 110x180 mm; 128 pages; no illustrations; cover illustrated with photographs courtesy of MGM from the television series; the rear cover has the 'blurb' transcribed above and pricings for: Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, italy, Netherlands and Switzerland; as well as the U.K.; on the front, the cover price 3/6.

Other Editions:

Foreign Edition:

Ediciones G.P., Barcelona, 1969
as El asunto de los botes dorados de taradata.

Spanish edition, in a combined volume with Simon Latter's other Girl From U.N.C.L.E. story, The Global Globules Affair.
Translations by Eduardo Mallorqui and Isabel Ulsamer.

Paperback; size: 105x181 mm; 313 pages; not illustrated; wrap around cover artwork by 'Gracia'.

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Cover of the Spanish edition
by Gracia
Ediciones GP 1969

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