The Guns of San Rosala

By Brett Cameron (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1952 by Werner Laurie

A Western novel for adults - part of the Blue Sombrero series.

First edition wrapper. Click to enlarge and see full picture
First edition dustwrapper
Hofbauer Bennett
Forbes Robertson 1952
Once again the famous Riders of the Blue Sombrero are mobilised under the virile laedership of Don Panchito.
The battle is joined against marauding guns over the lands of Piedras Negras, centring in its thrilling final stages deep in the bowels of the hills among the ghostly caves and vaults of the ancient village of the Veshoones - once the underground home of a fierce Indian tribe.

The guns roar and the whips crack as the Riders of the Blue Sombrero drive the Guns of San Rosala for ever from the land. Yet, back among the hills, drama, bitterness, hate and death lunge together in a tense, surprising climax.

First edition:
Werner Laurie 1952:
Hardback, with dustwrapper; 176 pages; yellow cloth with black blocking; 130x190 mm; Werner Laurie logo; 176 pages; no illustrations; dustwrapper artwork by Hofbauer Bennett; front flap has 'blurb' reproduced above; cover price 7s 6d net..

The British Library records this book as 1953.

Other editions:

Gannet Press, London:

Undated paperback, probably published c.1953.

Size 123x183mm; 96 pages; font reduced in size compared to the original, which suggests that it is the full text and is not abridged. The book is not ilustrated; cover picture not credited; cover price one shilling 1/-.
The title page has the full title including the definite article, missing from the cover.
The publisher's 'blurb' is the same as for the first edition.

Click to enlarge
paperback cover by
an unknown artist
Gannet Press
Foreign editions:

Van Reemst, Holland 1953:
Dutch edition; published as Straatgerecht in San Rosala; 190 pages.

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