The Golden Wheels

By Robert Martin (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1961 by Harrap
Illustrated by Frank Baber
First edition wrapper. Click to enlarge and see full picture
First edition dustwrapper
Frank Baber
Harrap 1961
This is the story of the tractor, from its creation to the latest multi-purpose machine, without which vast areas of the world would be still uncultivated and less food produced for the world's rapidly increasing population.
A breath of wild spaces, a glamour of achievement, a rhythm of adventure are enjoyed in this story as the three main characters join in learning how the tractor can help them achieve their ambitions - Gavin, the Scots boy, wishes to become a hill farmer; Bluey, from Australia, sees the tractor as the means of finding the long-hidden gold of Spoon Valley, deep in the Australian outback; Imtibu, an African boy, sees it as the "mechanical key" unlocking the doors to prosperity for the people of his country, soon to be self-governing.
From different worlds, for different reasons, these three meet at Tracford House, in Essex, England, to which come skilled and untrained operators from all over the world to learn and re-learn about the tractor.
The story is written with the co-operation of the Ford Tractor Organisation of Dagenham, England, and in particular the Company's Mechanised Farming Centre at Boreham, Essex, England, the only establishment of its kind in the world.

First edition:
Harrap 1961:
Hardback, with dustwrapper; red cloth with black blocking; 139x202mm; 144 pages; frontispiece and six illustrations by Frank Baber, all black and white; dustwrapper picture wraps to include the spine; front flap has 'blurb' reproduced in full - in italics above; cover price 9/6 net.

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