The Happy Hippo

By Frank Denver (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1967 by Souvenir Press
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paprback cover
When two women, Mrs Molesworth and Miss Schultz come on safari in the area administered by Daktari the effects are immediate . . . and unexpected:

The local hippopotami are affected by a strange disease, Judy the chimp gets a dose of 'happy fluid'.
And the doctor's assistants are warned off at gun point.

How the clues are linked together form one of the most extraordinary cases ever undertaken by Dr Marsh Tracy and his assistants.

The third of several 'spin-off' stories from Ivan Tors' popular series Daktari.
This African adventure series was broadcast on BBC television in the 1960s. Its most memorable character was perhaps Clarence, the cross-eyed lion.

Souvenir Press was part of the New English Library and published 'Four Square' books. They brought out these stories following the popularity of the series. The first 'Daktari' paperback was Mystery at Wameru by Jess Shelton; the second The Pintu Dogs by Frank Denver.

First Edition:
Souvenir Press Ltd. in association with The New English Library Ltd. September 1967:
Paperback; 124 numbered pages; 110x180mm; no illustrations; rear of half title lists first two books in the series; following the story there are two pages giving details of the other two books.
The cover front and back has photographs from series, only the front one in colour; logo at the top of the spine is the 'NEL' logo; cp 3/6.

Foreign Editions:

Ullstein 1969:

German edition as Unternehmen Flusspferd.

Translation by Renate Steinbach; Paperback; 117x178 mm; 150 pages; not illustrated; cover photograph from the TV series, as the English edition.

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cover of the
German edition
Ullstein 1969

Hayakawa 1969: Japanese edition; translation by Tooru Kanamori.

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