Joey and the Detectives

By Robert Martin (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1963 by Nelson
Illustrated by T R Freeman
dustwrapper. Click to enlarge
dustwrapper by
T R Freeman
When Joey's father, Smitty, starts acting out of character and changing his way of life it is natural that Joey should get a little worried. Some people perhaps normally drive about in large new Jaguars and spend their time at expensive Soho clubs - but not Smitty. The boys at Joey's club agree that it calls for an investigation, and what better way of getting to the bottom of things than a team of boy detectives using a walkie-talkie radio and sleuthing Smitty and his suspicious-looking new friends ? Daily they assemble evidence which suggests that something really fishy is going on, that Smitty is in danger; but though Joey and his friends feel that they are one up on Scotland Yard, thay are due for a surprise when they find they are not quite as clever as they thought they were.

* My copy has a price-clipped front flap with the price 5/- net printed in black alongside; There is no logo on the front flap. It also has a Sunday School presentation label dated 1967. Red boards, black lettering and logo; 114pp; b/w frontispiece and five full page illustrations.

Dustwrapper full colour front panel and spine, blue rear with white Nelson logo; rear flap lists 9 books to Joey and the Master Plan.
Original published price not known.

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