Joey of Jasmine Street

Joey of Jasmine Street

By Robert Martin (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1954 by Nelson
Illustrated by T R Freeman

Freeman's lovely dustwrapper. Click to enlarge
Joey lives in Jasmine Street, near Covent Garden where his father is a night-porter. Some suspicious happenings arouse Joey's interest, and before very long he and his friend find themselves captured by a set of unscrupulous theives. Freed by Nobby and Clapper, Joey sets to work to hunt the thieves down. Soon the gang find themselves making their way along an underground passage by the light of an electric torch. It is too late now to turn back . . .
First edition:
Nelson 1954:
'Shop edition':
Hardback, with dustwrapper; red boards with black blocking - Panther Library logo on front board; 111 pages; 12 black and white illustrations inc frontispiece; dustwrapper full colour with separate picture on spine; cover price 2/6 net.

Schools edition:
Nelson 1954:
Probably at the same time as the hardback, if not before, this book appeared in a 'schools' edition, soft-bound in a canvas-like fabric with a section of questions for the reader following the story.
The cover is in turquoise and white with a large Panther logo; 128 pages, 111 of story followed by the question section; frontispiece and 11 full page black and white illustrations by T R Freeman; back cover lists 3 in the Panther Library, the two Pete books and Joey and the River Pirates; the number 16 is printed on the front cover; there is no cover price.

Later the series was known as the Joey Series and a new logo was introduced. This was applied to the boards of later reprints, but not to the front flap of the dustwrapper of the first three of the series where the original Panther Library logo was retained.

The book was certainly reprinted; the dates were unrecorded in the books.
Books dated '1954' but with the Joey Books logo on the front board are certainly reprints.

* My copy (dated 1954) has a dustwrapper front flap which has been price-clipped where the original price would be printed. It has then been repriced at 3/- which has been overprinted with a black block, and alongside is printed - in black - the price 2/6 net.
1958: ? dated reprint.(from advert description)

Foreign editions:

Swedish edition cover. Click to enlarge
cover by an unnamed artist
for the Swedish edition
A B Lindqvist 1960
A B Lindqvists, Stockholm 1960:

as Joe och bankrånarna

Hardback edition with laminated boards, decorated cover - not credited; 125x190mm; 122 pages; four black and white illustrations in the text, not credited; translation by Marianne Jangö; cover price 3.75.

Illustration from the Swedish edition 1960. Click to enlarge
Fishing in the street
uncredited illustration from the Swedish edition

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