Just Lucky

A short story by Rex Dixon (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1961 in Swift Annual Number 8 1962 by the Longacre Press
Illustrator not credited
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Title page
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A Pocomoto adventure story

Pocomoto was minded to recall what he knew about mountain lions when he saw signs of one on the ground ahead of his horse's hooves. Goldflash bucked and plunged, tossing his long-maned head while Pocomoto inspected the track of the big cat's padded paws impressed on soft, sandy soil.
"A real big fella," Poco murmured. He gazed squint-eyed into the blaze of the lowering sun. "Imeant to camp near the rocks and wooded slopes yonder. Could be he has a hidey-hole den up there someplace. This is the breeding season, and cats are allus more ornery when they're toting a young family around."
He swivelled in his saddle, then cried: "A dust cloud ! A wagon for sure. Looks like it's headed for the slopes too. Now ain't that luck. huh ?" . . .

But though lucky it was; unlucky for one of the travellers, and Pocomoto was to need all his luck as well as his skill to save the life of one of them without a killing.

This is the second Pocomoto story to appear in the Swift annuals.
Like the first this starts on page 78 and occupies four double-column pages of the book, ending on page 81.
It is illustrated with four monochrome illustrations but the artist is not credited and the drawings appear to be unsigned.
On the Contents page the Writers and Artists are all listed, and Rex Dixon can be found in the former. Of the 39 listed artists it's anyone's guess who drew the pictures !

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