Joey and the Magician

By Robert Martin (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1963 by Nelson
Illustrated by T R Freeman
dustwrapper. Click to enlarge
Nelson dustwrapper
by T R Freeman
Joey and Clapper would never have believed that a holiday in the country would lead to their actually taking part in a circus ! But Polonius Sefton, the greatest magician of them all, is convinced that Joey and Clapper will make first-class artists in the Vanishing Boy act. Although Joey is tremendously excited at the idea, he naturally has terrible qualms when he realises that it is he who is going to vanish ! What will it feel like to be a Vanishing Boy ?

The stern discipline of rehearsals, and initiation into the tricks of the trade help him to master these qualms. But even though practice seems to have produced a flawless act, there is very nearly a disaster on the night of the performance, although, by one of those strange quirks of fortune, this turns surprisingly to the advantage of the Vanishing Boy trio.

First Edition:
Hardback; red cloth, black lettering including Joey logo on front board; 117pp; frontispiece and five other b/w illustrations.
Dustwrapper front full colour picture of circus team, magician, two boys and ape; spine picture has boy watching athletic man hanging on wire.
Front flap has no printed logo and the price 3/6 net printed in black at bottom right.

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