Joey and the Magic Pony

Joey and the Magic Pony

By Robert Martin (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1958 by Nelson
Illustrated by T R Freeman
dustwrapper. Click to enlarge
Nelson dustwrapper
by T R Freeman
'It ain't natural to want to be on your own in a lonely old farm place, ' says Clapper when Joey tells him he is going for a holiday on a farm in Somerset. But Joey has Jas, his dog, to keep him company, and he soon discovers that you are never really alone on a farm.

In fact a good deal more happens than Joey had bargained for.

Red boards, black lettering and logo; 120pp; b/w frontis and 9 full page illus; cp 2/6 net in black

* My copy is dated as first - but dustwrapper has Nelson adhesive stamp stuck over the original pricing of 2/6 net - raising it to 3/- net.
* Mike's copy dated as first but dustwrapper has printed price 5/- net.

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