Joey and the Mail Robbers

Joey and the Mail Robbers

By Robert Martin (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1955 by Nelson
Illustrated by T R Freeman
Freeman's dustwrapper. Click to enlarge
Joey and Ben lose their hide-out on the bombed site. They set out to find another, but end up by finding something very different. A collision between a fast black car and a milk cart arouses Ben's suspicions, and they decide to do some detective work. Have they stumbled on a clue to the daring mail robberies which have been puzzling the police ? Suddenly Ben mysteriously disappears and Joey realises that they are in the thick of a dangerous adventure. Joey trails the kidnappers and makes up his mind to rescue Ben and spoil another big robbery which is being planned . . .
First edition:
'Shop' edition:
Nelson 1954:
Hardback edition with black blocking and Panther Library logo on front board; 118pp; b/w frontis and 8 full-page illustrations; dustwrapper full colour with separate illus on spine section and red Panther Library logo on front flap; cover price 2/6.

Schools edition:
Nelson 1954:
Probably at the same time as the hardback, if not before, this book appeared in a 'schools' edition, soft-bound in a canvas-like fabric with a section of questions for the reader following the story.
The cover is in turquoise and white with a large Panther logo; 135 pages, 118 of story followed by the question section; frontispiece and 8 full page black and white illustrations by T R Freeman.

The following year the series became known as the Joey Series and a new logo for front board and dustwrapper flap was introduced. This was applied to the front boards of later reprints, but oddly, the Panther Library logo was retained on the front flaps of the dustwrappers.

The book was certainly reprinted in the 1950s; the reprint dates were not recorded in the books.
Books dated '1955' but with the Joey Books logo on the front board are certainly reprints.
* My copy is dated as a first but has the Joey logo on front board; dustwrapper (assuming originally with this book) has Panther Library logo, and has been price-clipped, possibly twice, and now has a Nelson adhesive price label of 3/6 affixed.
* Mike's 1962: dated reprint has brown boards with Joey logo and lettering in black; dustwrapper priced 5/- net.
* 1967: dated reprint, no description available.

Other editions:

Foreign editions:

Lindqvist, Stockholm 1961:

Published as Joe och postkuppen

Swedish edition; hardback with laminated boards, pictorial cover, not credited; 125x190mm; 121 pages; four black and white illustrations in the text, not credited; translation by Olov Nylander; cover price 4.75.

Click to enlarge
Swedish edition cover
by an unnamed artist
A B Lindqvists 1961

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