Joey and the Square of Gold

Joey and the Square of Gold

By Robert Martin (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1957 by Nelson
Illustrated by T R Freeman
dustwrapper front. Click to see complete wrapper enlarged
It was Joey's friend Herman who always spoke of stamps as 'squares of gold'.
Now, gold is valuable, and bad men will do bad things to obtain it; and in defending one of his squares of gold Herman was hurt, seriously hurt.

So it was up to Joey and the Jasmine Street boys to get Herman's square of gold back for him . . .

First published March 1957.

Published as part of the 'Joey' series of books - logo on front board and front flap of the dustwrapper; cp 2/6; 118pp; b/w frontispiece and 9 illustrations.

Dustwrapper has full colour pictorial front and spine; the back cover shows photographs of stamps on a black background.
(click on the picture above to see enlarged view of full dustwrapper.)
Originally published at 2/6; the price remained constant until at least August 1957.

1958: dated reprint; red boards, black lettering spine and front board, also vignette head and 'The Joey books' on front boardd; 125x185mm; 118pp; b/w frontis and 9 illustrations; colour pictorial dustwrapper separate illustration on the spine, rear illus of stamps.
Dustwrapper - assuming it belongs - price clipped with new price printed in black above clipping - 3/-; rear flap lists to Joey: Soap Box Driver.
1961: dated reprint (Mike's), dustwrapper price 5/- net.

Other editions:

Foreign editions:

Lindqvist, Stockholm 1962:

Published as Joe och den gyllene kvadraten

Swedish edition; hardback with laminated boards, pictorial cover, not credited; 125x190mm; 118 pages; four black and white illustrations in the text, not credited; translation by Olle Nylander.

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Swedish edition cover
by an unnamed artist
A B Lindqvists 1962

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