Joey and the Train Robbers

Joey and the Train Robbers

By Robert Martin (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1965 by Nelson
dustwrapper. Click to enlarge.
Nelson dutwrapper
Joey visits his friends in the country - and what was intended to be a peaceful and friendly holiday turns out to be yet another hair-raising experience in Joey's young life. The boys play amateur detectives in real earnest when they come up against a gang of train robbers.
The last book in the Joey series.

Red boards, black lettering on the spine, but neither lettering nor logo on the front board.
The book is only 89 pages, but is printed on very thick paper, so matches the others in the series in overall size, There are no illustrations.

The dustwrapper has a full colour picture on the front and one on the spine - which might be by T R Freeman, but he is not credited and there is no signature. The rear is blue - as common on most of the series, but for this edition thiere is no publisher's logo in the middle.
There is no logo on the front flap.

The dustwrapper of my copy has been price-clipped, after purchase, so I have no cost price for the book.
* Mike's copy has the printed price: UK PRICE ONLY 5s net.

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