Kemlo and the Crazy Planet

By E C Eliott (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1954 by Nelson
Illustrated by R J Jobson
First edition dustwrapper. Click to enlarge and see full picture
First edition dustwrapper by
R J Jobson
Nelson 1954
Kemlo and his friend Krillie, who have set out from Satellite Belt K on a Space trip, find themselves off course and eventually land upon a planet about which very little is known except that odd things happen there, so that it has become known as the Crazy Planet.
The people upon it, whose language is laughter, are friendly; but others, from Earth, are also marooned upon it, and they are very far from friendly, not only to the laughing People but to Kemlo and Krillie too. Their wicked plans, however, are foiled by Kemlo, who is later responsible for helping his new friends against a mass attack of the murderous wood beasts . . .

First Edition:
Nelson 1954:
Hardback, with dustwrapper; blue cloth with black blocking and usual logos; 136x193mm; 200 pages; illustrated by RJ Jobson, full colour frontispiece and 6 black and white line text illustrations; cover price 5/- net.

Mike's copy has a Nelson label stuck over the price - stating 7/6 net.

Foreign Editions:

Japan 1957:
as Uchu Shonen Kemuro
Translation into Japanese by Shigeru Shiraki; illustrated by Taizo Iwai; cover artwork by Shigeru Komatsuzuki.

De Sleutel, Holland 1957:
Hardback, with dustwrapper; published as De Geheimzinnige Planeet; 180x120 mm; illustrated. (from advert)

Click to enlarge
cover of the Swedish edition from
B Wahlströms 1958
B Wahlströms, Sweden 1958:

Published as Kemlo från Satellit K
Small hardback edition with pictorial card boards, artist not credited; 125x177mm; 183 pages; not illustrated; translation by Eric Hindsater; cover price 3.85 SEK.

J H Gottmer, Holland 1959:

Published as De Geheimzinnige Planeet
Paperback edition, Juno-Jeugdpocket number 10; overall size: 111x182 mm; 141 pages; illustrated by Dick Fijnheer with frontispiece and four black and white illustrations.

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Dutch paperback cover
J H Gottmer 1959

Cedro, Spain 1958:
Paperback edition; as El Planet Tonto; 157 pages; translation by Salvador Botiya; illustrations by R J Jobson.

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