Kemlo and the Martian Ghosts

By E C Eliott (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1954 by Nelson
Illustrated by A Bruce Cornwell
First edition dustwrapper.   Click to enlarge
First edition dustwrapper
by A Bruce Cornwell
Nelson 1954
Kemlo, with two other boys from Satellite K, are allowed to accompany a small research team setting off to reconnoitre Deimos, a moonlet of Mars.

The research ship has a smooth journey until it encounters a fierce astral storm, but eventually lands safely on Deimos - where some peculiar magnetic forces put all the instruments out of action.

From then on the suspense is terrific. Kemlo and his friends find their way barred by a moving wall of lighted shapes and, scattered, are apparently attacked by transparent figures etched in vivid light. Up to the very end the doubt remains: will the power of the Martian Ghosts triumph or be broken ?

First Edition:
Nelson 1954*:
Hardback with dustwrapper; blue cloth with black blocking; logos on spine and front board; six prelims, 202 pages; colour frontispiece and six black and white line illustrations by A Bruce Cornwell; full colour dustwrapper as above, front flap has the 'blurb' reproduced above and the cover price of 5/- net.
*(The British Library catalogue and advertised first editions give this date - but see dates in second impression, below. JA.)

Nelson 1955:
Hardback, with dustwrapper; 135x195mm; blue figured boards; 202 numbered pages; frontispiece listed but not present in my copy; six other full-page line illustrations; dustwrapper not present on my copy.
The statement on the rear of the title page contradicts the date given in the first editions:

First published February 1955
Reprinted 1955

Nelson 1957:
Hardback, with dustwrapper. (from advertised copy)

Other Editions:

Nelson Junior 1959:
Paperback edition; cover price 2/6 net.
120x180mm; 202 pages; pagination identical to the first edition, except frontispiece missing and not listed and pages smaller; all black and white illustrations included; cover illustration not credited.

(My copy has evidence of a label being affixed over the cover price - which may indicate a publisher's later price increase. John )
[For the image of this edition, thanks to James Mackenzie]

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Nelson Junior paperback edition

Foreign editions:

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covert by
Wim Knotter
De Sleutel 1957
De Sleutel, Antwerp 1957:

as Kemlo: De Geesten van Mars
Hardback edition with illustrated boards; 120x180 mm; 185pp; illustrated by Wim Knotter - frontispiece and four text illustrations, all black and white; translation by JPM van Elswijk.

Cedro, Barcelona, Spain 1958:
as Los Fantasmas Marcianos
155 pages; with illustrations by A Bruce Cornwell; translation by C Hugeot.

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