Kemlo and the Star Men

By E C Eliott (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1955 by Nelson
Illustrated by A Bruce Cornwell
First edition cover. Click to enlarge and see full picture
1st edn dustwrapper by
A Bruce Cornwell
Nelson 1955
Solid land inside a cloud of 'star dust' - where no solid land should be. And the weird voices - where are they coming from ?

Forced down on a minor star galaxy, Kemlo and his friends of Satellite Belt K discover a secret of Space which gives scientists information for which they have been searching for years.

First edition:
Nelson 1955:
Hardback edition; 137x194mm; blue cloth with figured boards carrying the rocket and satellite logos in dark blue; 193 pages; illustrated by A Bruce Cornwell, with full colour frontispiece and six black and white text illustrations as well as the dustwrapper; cover price 6/- net.
The 'blurb' from the book's front flap is reproduced above.

Other Editions:

Hamlyn, Merlin 1968:
New paperback edition; The author's surname is spelled Eliot on cover, title page and in copyright details; Merlin number M40; 126 numbered pages; 6 black and white line drawings, not credited or signed; cover price 2/6.

Far out in space orbits massive Satellite K - home of Kemlo and Krillie and their Space Scout friends. As a test of their skill, the satellite-born Scouts are sent to investigate a cloud of Stardust half a million miles away in empty space.
It starts as a routine job, but mysterious voices, solid land in the middle of the 'cloud', and weird, flaming spaceships all mean far from routine danger for Kemlo and his friends.

(Description from the back cover of the Merlin paperback edition)

Merlin edition cover. Click to enlarge
Merlin paperback edition
Hamlyn 1968

Foreign Editions:

Cedro, Spain:
as Les Hombres en las Estrellas
Spanish edition, no further information known.

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