The Mystery of the Friendly Forger

By Robert Martin (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1958 by Nelson
Illustrated by George Lane
first edition wrapper. Click to enlarge
dustwrapper by
George Lane
When they discover that not only has Mike paid for his new canary-coloured pullover with a forged 5 note but that has also received a forged note in change, Jim and Birdie are not slow to realise that here is another case for 'Dance and Co Detectives'. Who is making the forged notes and who is distributing them ? And where does Dusty Miller fit in the picture ?

As usual of course they underestimate the powers of Sergeant Gribbon and find that he has an answer for everything.

Our copies - assumed first editions:
Nelson 1958:
Hardback with dustwrapper; 125x185mm; boards light green with black blocking, title and author on front board, publisher included on spine; 177pp; rear of half title lists first three of the series; frontispiece and 5 illustrations, all b/w; dutwrapper full colour, not credited but probably by George Lane, wraps to include spine, rear plain blue with Nelson logo upper centre in white.
Dustwrapper front flap has publisher's blurb - quoted above and cover price of 5/- net; rear flap describes The Mystery of the Long Shadow.

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