Nicholas Marrat

pseudonym of Reginald Alec Martin

Author of Short stories 1964 -1965.

In 1964, Golden Pleasure Books published a collection of stories under the title A Book of Boy's Stories by Robert Bateman and Nicholas Marrat.
The book contained seven stories by Nicholas Marrat - these were:
The Planetoid Grid
Boy With a Gun
Murder is for Men
Chad Stenson - TV Reporter
Imperno Quarterno - Special Agent
The Explosive Twins
The Fighting Flanagans

The following year the same publishers brought out another collection Boys' Choice, with stories by 17 authors. Three were listed as copyright R.A.Martin:
The Wild Ones by Rex Dixon
Imperno Strikes Again by Nicholas Marrat
Toddy Proves his Point by Robert Martin

Hence - the copyright for this second Imperno story gave Mike the new pseudonym for Reginald Martin.

We know of no other short stories written as Nicholas Marrat, but more may yet come to light.

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