Okara the Hunter

By Frank Denver (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1955 by Nelson
Illustrated by Bruce Cornwell
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Dustwrapper of the first edition
by A Bruce Cornwell
Nelson 1955
During a violent storm, Okara, who had gone to sea to look for adventures, finds himself washed up on the shores of Africa. He is very ill after the storm. but is nursed back to health by a kindly African woman who can speak English.

After he is well again he finds more adventures than he had originally hoped for - an encounter with Kerma, the giant crocodile, a terrifying flight from a hungry black panther, and finally his fight with an angry lion who is out to avenge the death of his mate.

First Edition:
Nelson 1955:
Hardback with dustwrapper; red boards with black blocking, Panther logo front board; viii prelims, 119 numbered pages; frontispiece and nine other b/w line illustrations; rear of half-title lists eleven other books in the Panther library; published at cover price 2/6 net.

Schools edition:
Nelson 1955:
Probably at the same time as the hardback, if not before, this book appeared in a 'schools' edition, soft-bound in a canvas-like fabric with a section of questions for the reader following the story.
The cover is in green and white with a large Panther logo; 133 pages, 119 of story followed byquestion section; frontispiece and 10 full page black and white illustrations by A Bruce Cornwell; back cover lists 12 in the Panther Library including this book; there is no number printed on the book cover, nor a cover price.

Other Editions:

Miller, Cape Town 1961:
8 prelims; 136pp; illustrated; 18cm.

Oxford University Press - South Africa 1983:
Second South African edition; paperback with white printing; 120x180mm; 136pp; frontispiece and 9 other illustrations by Bruce Cornwell; at the end of the story there is a 16 page section of questions; ISBN-0-19-570350-2 Copyright R A Martin; cover not priced .
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second South-African edition
cover design
O.U.P. 1983

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