Pocomoto - Bronco Buster

By Rex Dixon (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1953 by Nelson
Illustrated by Jack Harman
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First edition dustwrapper
by Jack Harman
Nelson 1953
Pocomoto and Elmer, an old-timer bronco buster, set off to recapture a stallion which has broken loose and taken over the leadership of a wild horse herd.
The stallion is eventually roped, and Poco and Elmer start to drive the herd back to the ranch. Within it is a golden palomino which Poco part-breaks by himself, naming it 'Goldflash'.
Then horse-thieves appear on the scene . . .

First Edition:
Nelson 1953:
Hardback with dustwrapper; red cloth with black blocking, title and rearing cowboy logo front board, lariat etc on spine; 135x194mm; 216pp; full colour dustwrapper and frontispiece, different pictures, remaining six full page illustrations in black and white - all by Jack Harman.
Dustwrapper full colour picture wraps to include the spine, rear flap advertises the first three books in the series; front flap has the publisher's 'blurb' transcribed above and the cover price of 5/- net.

Foreign Editions:

De Sleutel, Flanders 1954:

as Pocomoto - Het Duivelspaard

Hardback edition, with dustwrapper; 152x210 mm; cream cloth with brown blocking including mounted rider with lasso logo on front board; 161 pages; black and white illustrations, frontispiece and three full-page, by Rein van Looy who also was the artist of the dustwrapper.

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Dustwrapper by
R van Looy
De Sleutel 1954

Nelson, Paris 1957:
as Pocomoto et les Chevaux Savages
Hardback with d/w; illustrated by Jack Harman.

J H Gottmer, Holland 1957:
as Pocomoto - Het Duivelspaard
Hardback edition with dustwrapper.


Second impression:

Third impression 1959:
Hardback; white boards with brown blocking with Pocomoto rider logo; 148x210 mm; 149 pages; frontispiece and four text illustrations, all black and white - by R van Looy; cover illustration by Wim Knotter.

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Dutch edition dustwrapper
by Wim Knotter
J H Gottmer 3rd imp 1959

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Swedish edition cover
artist not credited
B Wahlströms 1957
B Wahlströms, Stockholm, Sweden 1957:

as Poco som cowboy

Small hardback edition with pictorial card boards; artwork not credited; 125x175 mm; 184 pages; no illustrations; Translation by Eric Zedig; cover price 3.85.

Zurich, Switzerland, 1958:
as Pocomoto auf der Pferdefarm
German language; 193 pages; translation by Ursula Markum; illustrations by Hugo Laubi.

H R Sauerlander 1965:
as Pocomoto auf der Pferdefarm
Hardback edition, with dustwrapper; German language; 187 pages; illustrated by Hugo Laubi; cover by Werner.

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