Pocomoto - Buffalo Hunter

By Rex Dixon (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1954 by Nelson
Illustrated by Jack Harman
first editon wrapper. Click to enlarge
duswrapper by
Jack Harman
Nelson 1954
Seb, the 'old timer', invites Pocomoto to go with him on a buffalo hunt, and Poco's friend Tim is allowed to go too. Goldflash, the Palomino, and Horace, the burro, are also, of course, members of the party.

The thrills of an old-time buffalo hunt are brought vividly to life, but the thrills do not end with the chase itself. There are wolves . . . And, after the wolves, there is the agonising suspense as the tiny band of hunters wait in the darkness, helpless, listening to the thunder of a half-crazed herd of buffalo bearing down in a wave upon their flimsy encampment . . .

First Edition:
Nelson 1954:
Hardback, with dustwrapper; red boards, black lettering, lariat logo on spine and title with rearing horse and cowboy on front board; 108x180mm; 194pp; full colour frontispiece and 6 black and white illustrations; dutwrapper full colour and signed by Jack Harman; front flap has 'blurb' transcribed above, and has the cover price of 5/- net.


Nelson 1958:
According to advertised copy has the same boards and colour frontispiece as the original; 194 pages; and is dated at 1958.

Foreign Editions:

De Sleutel, Haarlem 1956:
Dutch edition; as Pocomoto Buffeljager; hardback; 156 (or 166?) pages; illustrated by Wim Knotter. [from advertised book]

J H Gottmer, Holland c1959?:
Published as Pocomoto Buffeljager.

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