Pocomoto and the Circus Folk

By Rex Dixon (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1957 by Nelson
Illustrated by Robert Hodgson
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dustwraopper by
Robert Hodgson
Nelson 1957

Lashman's Lavish Spectacle !
A Circus and a Menagerie will be visiting Yakima City.
Look out for it Folks !

Little did Poco and his friends, Lance and Willie, think when they read the sticker that they would soon be up against horse stealing and planned robberies of the takings.

But that was not all. There was also Gloria Pearl, the beautiful girl who rode bareback on a white horse; well - Poco just couldn't take his eyes off her . . .

First Edition:
Hardback with dustwrapper; red cloth, black lettering and figuring of man on rearing horse on front board; 214pp; states First published 1957; full colour dustwrapper and frontispiece, remaining nine illustrations in black and white; published price 6s.
The full colour dustwrapper picture shows Pocomoto's mount rearing in confrontation with two unfriendly characters, whereas a more welcome meeting is recorded in the frontispiece - shown on the right.
[For the frontispiece image from, and extra information on, this edition, thanks to James Mackenzie]
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frontispiece by
Robert Hodgson
Nelson 1957

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