Pocomoto - Pony Express Rider

By Rex Dixon (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1953 by Nelson
Illustrated by Jack Harman
First edition dustwrapper. Click to enlarge
First edition wrapper
by Jack Harman
Nelson 1953
Since babyhood, Pocomoto has run wild with two 'old timers', Seb and Hap, but at last Seb brings him to a small Texas town, Yakima City, to ensure a proper education. The education is not a success - but Pocomoto is. When his hero, Laredo, the Pony express Rider is wounded by bandits, Pocomoto takes over, to ride with the vital message. There is an encounter with a savage puma, there is a desert storm of fearful intensity, thrill upon thrill . . .

Does he get through ? - you must read the book to find out !

First Edition:
Nelson 1953:
(my copy inscribed 1954 assumed first edition)
Hardback with dustwrapper; 135x194mm; dark red boards; black blocking: author, title and publisher's name on spine, title on front board. Logos: of cowboy mounted on rearing horse on front board, centrally, and lariat on lower centre of spine; States First published 1953; 199pp; only lists Pocomoto - Tenderfoot; full colour frontispiece, of rider confronting puma; remaining six illustrations in black and white.
The full colour dustwrapper wraps to include the spine; front flap has publisher's 'blurb' quoted above, rear flap advertises Pocomoto - Tenderfoot (quoted on that book's page on this site); rear of dustwrapper describes the character Pocomoto and gives some background of the author.
My copy price-clipped, but originally priced at 5/- net.

Second Impression 1955:
Red boards as original; cover price 6s net

Other Editions:

Hamlyn - Merlin 1967:
Paperback edition; 108x180mm; 6 b/w illustrations not credited but are the six original black and whites from the Nelson edition - by Jack Harman; cover illustration not credited; cover price 2/6
Second impression 1968: The first published and reprint dates given under COPYRIGHT REX DIXON on the reverse of the half-title.
Brought up in the wild prairies and rugged mountains since childhood, young Pocomoto is at last sent to Yakima City for an education. City life and schooling aren't Poco's idea of fun, however, and he finds a hero in Laredo, a tough Pony Express Rider. When Laredo is injured at the start of an important run, it is left to Poco to get the mail through.
Mountain lions, desperate crooks, raging storms . . . they all add to the danger - and the excitement !

Publisher's 'blurb' from the back of the paperback
Merlin paperback edition. Click to enlarge
Merlin paperback edition
Hamlyn 1967

Foreign Editions:

De Sleutel, Holland, 1954:
Click to enlarge
first Dutch edition dustwrapper
by R van Looy
De Sleutel 1954
published as Pocomoto- Een Gevaarlke Opdracht

Hardback with dustwrapper; grey cloth with gold blocking; overall size: 149x211 mm; 160 pages; illustrated by R van Looy - three black and white text illustrations and a black and white frontispiece.
Also seen advertised dated 1956.

De Sleutel, Holland, 1964:
Also seen advertised dated 1981 and 1983.

Nelson, Paris, France 1955:
Hardback with dustwrapper as Pocomoto - Messager Monté; translated by Anne-Marie Canu; with illustrations by Jack Harman; 209pp.

B Wahlström, Sweden 1955:

Published as Poco prarieryttaren
Small hardback edition with pictorial card boards; artist uncredited and unsigned; 125x177mm; 185 pages; translation by Eric Zedig; no illustrations; cover price 3.85 SEK.

Click to enlarge
Cover by
unknown artist
B Wahlström 1955

Buchergilde Gutenberg, Zurich, Switzerland 1957:
Published as Pocomoto als Meldereiter; translation by Ursula Markum; 181 pages.

J H Gottmer, Holland, 1957
published as Pocomoto - Een Gevaarlijke Opdracht

First published 1957
Hardback edition with dustwrapper.


Second impression 195-.

Third impression 1959:
Hardback; white boards with brown blocking and Pocomoto rider logo; 148x210 mm; 144 pages; frontispiece and three text illustrations, all black and white - and full colour dustwrapper design by Wim Knotter.

Click to enlarge
dustwrapper by Wim Knotter of
the later Dutch edition
J H Gottmer 1957

Click to enlarge
Cover by
Civardi (?)
Fratelli Fabri
1973 edition
Fabbri, Milan, Italy 1963:
Published as: Un ragazzo del West; 156 pages; illustrated by Gusmaroli.

Mike's copy (illustrated) 1973:
Hardback edition; laminated decorative boards signed with the single name 'Civardi' (I think); 200x260mm; 158 pages; four full-colour illustrations by 'Gusmaroli', each printed on glossy paper.

Damm, Norway 1965:
Published as Pocomoto postrytteren.

Ravensburger, Germany 1979
Paperback edition; as Pocomoto als Meldereiter; 155 pages; translated by Ursula Markum; ISBN 3473395234

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