Pocomoto and the Indian Trails

By Rex Dixon (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1956 by Nelson
Illustrated by Jack Harman
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First edition dustwrapper by
Jack Harman
Nelson 1956

Seb, the old-timer, persuades Dan Martin to let Poco go with his friends Lance, Willie and Tim to search for the old site of the Kewaha lodges along the Indian trails. For Lance, they have discovered, is the grandson of a famous chief.

When, after many breathtaking adventures, they find the lodges - and a warning of death to those who search too far beyond tribal taboos - Lance meets his lost relatives.

Poco, to his great surprise, is made an honorary Chief of the Kewaha tribe - and adds a war bonnet to his trophies . . .

First Edition:
Hardback with dustwrapper; red cloth with black blocking of lettering and logos; 137x193mm; 206 pages; full colour dustwrapper and frontispiece, remaining six illustrations in black and white; cover price 6/- net.

Other editions

Foreign editions:

J H Gottmer, Holland 1959:

as Pocomoto De verdwenen Indianen

Hardback edition, bound in cream cloth with brown blocking, front board bearing logo of cowboy on horse with lasso; 150x210mm; 185 pages; frontispiece and four text illustrations, all black and white and, like the cover, by Wim Knotter.

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Dutch edition
dustwrapper by
Wim Knotter
J H Gottmer 1959

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Swedish edition
cover art by
B Wahlström 1960
B Wahlström, Sweden 1960:

as Poco i indianemas våld

Small hardback edition with pictorial card boards; 125x177mm; 186 pages; not illustrated; cover artwork signed 'Hegland'; translation by Gösta Petterson; cover price 3.85 SEK.

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