Pocomoto and the Lazy River

By Rex Dixon (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1955 by Nelson
Illustrated by Jack Harman
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First edition dustwrapper
Jack Harman
Nelson 1955
To disobey Seb in his role of stern disciplinarian meant, as Poco knew from years of experience, a judicial larruping. To disobey Laredo would have seemed till now unthinkable. Yet when his reunion with these, his two heroes, on the trail of treasure, threatened to be short-lived, merely because Danger (yes - with a capital D) was lurking close at hand, Poco did disobey, and . . . .

And, as well, Horace the burro is with us once again !

First Edition:
Hardback with dustwrapper; full colour dustwrapper wraps to include the spine - as can be seen on the enlarged picture; colour frontispiece, the remaining illustrations in black and white; front dustwrapper flap has 'blurb' transcribed above and the cover price of 5/- net.

Foreign editions:

J H Gottmer, Holland 1957:
published as Pocomoto - De Geheimzinnige Landkaart

First published 1957
Hardback edition with dustwrapper.


Second impression 195-:

Third impression 1959:
Hardback; white boards with brown blocking with Pocomoto rider logo; 152x210 mm; 150 pages; frontispiece and four text illustrations, all black and white - by R van Looy; cover illustration by Wim Knotter.

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Dutch edition dustwrapper
by Wim Knotter
J H Gottmer 3rd imp 1959

Norwegian edition 1969: unknown publisher.
Published as Pocomoto Og Lazy River

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cover of Swedish edition by
B Wahlströms 1959
B Wahlströms, Stockholm, Sweden 1959:

Published as Poco på guldjakt.

Small hardback edition with pictorial card boards; 125x175mm; 187 pages; no illustrations; translation by Gosta Pettersson; colour cover artwork signed 'Hegland'; cover price 3.85

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