Pocomoto and the Night Riders

By Rex Dixon (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1953 by Nelson
Illustrated by Jack Harman
first edition wrapper. Click to enlarge
dustwrapper by
Jack Harman
Visiting a ranch, Pocomoto wakes to hear shots and the sound of running cattle. One of the cowboys has been killed and a valuable bull stolen - the work of a gang known as the Night Riders.
The trail leads over the border into Mexico, to capture and escape and, breathlessly, to the thrilling climax of a mad race by loaded wagons drawn by eight-horse teams . . .

The above 'blurb' is from the front flap of the dustwrapper.

One of five Pocomoto books published by Nelson in 1953. This was probably the most popular series of books he wrote - there were 23 published between 1953 and the last in 1963. There were three short stories in Swift Annuals and there were a number of foreign editions.
Advertised books appear to be (virtually) all 'first editions' which suggests that Nelson did not print reprint dates when a new impression was released.

Mike's copy, assumed First Edition: Nelson dated 1953
Hardback with dustwrapper: 136x193mm; red boards with black blocking, front board has title and rearing horse and rider logo, spine has title, author and publisher with lasso logo; 207pp; colour frontispiece and 6 b/w illustrations; dustwrapper full colour picture wraps to include the spine; cp 5/- net.

Foreign Editions:

first edition wrapper. Click to enlarge
Dutch edition dustwrapper
credited to
R van Looy
De Sleutel
dated 1954
De Sleutel, Holland 1954:

as Pocomoto Ruiters in de nacht
Hardback with dustwrapper; cream cloth with blue blocking; rider with lasso logo on front board; 150x211 mm; 164 pages; frontispiece and four text illustrations, all black and white, by Rein van Looy; cover credited to van Looy also.

Internally the two books here are identical. They bear different dustwrapper artwork. The full colour version on the right is so similar to the artwork of the later printings under the J H Gottmer imprint that it must surely be later than the one on the left.
Lest it be imagined that the right-hand dustwrapper is from a Gottmer printing, the 'Key' logo crest of De Sleutel can clearly be seen on the spine when the picture is enlarged.

first edition wrapper. Click to enlarge
Dutch edition dustwrapper
credited to
R van Looy
De Sleutel
dated 1954

Nelson, Paris 1956:
Published as Pocomoto et les Bandits de la Nuit
Hardback with duswrapper in colour; translated by Maria Laz Pietrantoni; illustrated by Jack Harman; 210pp.

B Wahlströms, Stockholm, Sweden 1958:

As Poco som sheriff

Small hardback edition with pictorial card boards; 125x175 mm; 182 pages; no illustrations; translation by Eric Zedig; colour cover artwork signed 'Hegland'; cover price 3.85

Click to enlarge
Swedish edition
cover by 'Hegland'
B Wahlstroms 1958

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