Pocomoto and the Snow Wolf

By Rex Dixon (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1955 by Nelson
Illustrated by Jack Harman
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First edition dustwrapper
by Jack Harman
Nelson 1955
On a fur-trapping expedition Poco and Johnny Ox, a famous Indian trapper, are dogged by bad luck. This, says Johnny, is the work of Mawoha - the Evil One - whose spirit is in the leader of a savage wolf pack. But in strange circumstances, and with great courage, Poco makes friends with the wolf and renames it Ahyami - the Snow Wolf. from then on, Ahyami protects them from attacks by other wolves until they return safely home through the blizzards.

First Edition:
Hardback with dustwrapper; red cloth with black figuring, with logos on the front board and spine; 136x194mm; 202 pages; full colour dustwrapper and frontispiece, remaining six illustrations in black and white; the front flap has the publisher's 'blurb' reproduced above; cover price 5/- net.

Foreign Editions:

Gebruder Weiss Verlag, Germany 1965:
As Pocomoto und die Schneewolf; translated by Else v. Hillander-Lossow.

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