Pocomoto - Tenderfoot

By Rex Dixon (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1953 by Nelson
Illustrated by Jack Harman
Merlin paperback edition. Click to enlarge
First edition dustwrapper
by Jack Harman
Nelson 1953

Pocomoto joins a great cattle ranch, the 'Running Horse', to learn the seemingly simple job of being a cowboy. But he finds it a life crammed with strange adventures and excitement, and it is only through painful lessons and hard work that he comes to know all about that nonchalant, easy-riding man - the real cowboy. He masters many of the cowboy's numerous jobs, takes part in a cattle drive, and wins high praise when the great herd stampedes during a violent storm.

The above 'blurb' is from the front flap of the dustwrapper.

First Edition:
Nelson 1953:
Hardback with dustwrapper; 135x193mm; red cloth with black blocking including the rider on the front board and lasso on the spine; 216 pages; colour frontispiece and six black and white illustrations by Jack Harman; dustwrapper artwork, signed as 'Harman', wraps to include the spine.
The book was originally published at 5/- net.


Second Impression, Nelson 1955:
Advertised from several dealers and described as 'second impression'.

Other Editions:

Hamlyn Merlin 1967:
Paperback edition; Merlin number M10; 108x180mm; 127pp; 6 black and white illustrations - not credited and don't appear to be by Jack Harman; cover price 2/6.
Cover illustration and design not credited - illustrated at top of page.
[For the image of this edition, thanks to Jim Mackenzie]

Reprinted: Second impression 1968.
The 'blurb' from the rear of this edition is much more dramatic than the calmer Nelson original:
Pocomoto's stay on a giant ranch stops being a holiday when shadowy figures stampede an entire herd of cattle before his very eyes. Who are the evil intruders who have brought death and destruction to the peaceful ranch ?
Poco claims they were Indians but he is branded a liar. But when men with flaming arrows and flashing knives attack again, it is time for action, not argument. As usual, Pocomoto is in the thick of it . . .

Merlin paperback edition. Click to enlarge
paperback edition
Merlin 1967

Foreign Editions:

Nelson, Paris 1955:
As Pocomoto - Apprenti-cowboy
Hardback edition with colour dustwrapper; translation by Anne-Marie Canu; illustrations by Jack Harman; 218pp.

De Sleutel, Holland 1956:
As Pocomoto - de Jonge Cowboy
Also advertised: one copy dated 1954 (error ?)

Buchergilde, Gutenberg, Germany 1955:
Published as Pocomoto bei den Cowboys
Illustrated by Hugo Laubi.

Click to enlarge
Swedish edition
cover by 'Hegland'
B Wahlstroms 1956
B Wahlströms, Stockholm, Sweden 1956:

as Poco tar hårda tag

Small hardback edition with pictorial card boards; 125x175 mm; 213 pages; no illustrations; translation by Eric Zedig; colour cover artwork signed 'Hegland'; cover price 3.85

J H Gottmer, Holland 1957:

as Pocomoto - de Jonge Cowboy
Hardback with dustwrapper.

3rd impression 1959:
Cream cloth boards with brown blocking and figure of rider with lasso on front board; 148x210 mm; 159 pages; illustrated by Wim Knotter, frontispiece and 4 text illustrations in black and white;

Click to enlarge
dustwrapper by
Wim Knotter
J H Gottmer 1959

Damm, Oslo, Norway 1965:
Published as Pocomoto grønnskolling
126 pages; translated by Hans Braarvig.

Ravensburger, Germany 1979:

Published as Pocomoto bei den Cowboys

Translated by Ursula Markum; illustrated by Hugo Laubi.
Paperback edition with pictorial cover, artwork by Walter Emmrich; 116x180mm; 159 pages; cover price 4.80 DM

Click to enlarge
Cover of the
Ravensburger edition

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