Pocomoto and the Warrior Braves

By Rex Dixon (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1961 by Nelson
Illustrated by Robert Hodgson
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First edition dustwrapper
by Robert Hodgson
Nelson 1961
It was not surprising that Pocomoto and his partner Tim, having well established themselves in their new Golden Herd Ranch, should now seek to extend their claim. But did they realise the danger they would be running into in laying claim to part of Sno-ta-hay Canyon, sacred territory of the fierce Apache tribesmen ? Already the Indians had been roused to fury against the white men who, greedy for gold, had sought to penetrate the secret of the Canyon.

The old-timer Seb knew well enough how hazardous Poco's undertaking would be - but not even he could forsee its unexpected result.

First Edition:
Hardback with dustwrapper; red boards; no frontispiece; there is a small illustration opposite the list of illustrations and another opposite the statement 'This story is based upon the legend of Sno-ya-hay'; all illustrations in black and white and the illustrations list does not mention a frontispiece.
The dustwrapper is in full colour; the blurb from the front flap is transcribed above; cover price in red bottom right of front flap: 7/6 net.

[For image of, and extra information on, this edition, thanks to Peakirk Books]

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