Pocomoto and the Wild Horse

A short story by Rex Dixon (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1959 in Swift Annual Number 6 by the Hulton Press
Illustrator not credited
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Title page
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Pocomoto sat in the shade of the tall rock, watching the wild horse herd move slowly over the valley among the thickets of high, thorned brush. Some of the colts pranced and kicked their heels in the manner of all young wild horses.
"They sure enough remind me of Goldflash when I first saw him running wild," Poco observed to Horace, his burro. Horace flopped one ear to show he was listening. "Poor old Goldfflash ! Him going lame sure makes me feel mighty sad !" Poco glanced at the borrowed saddle horse. "We'd have done this trip in half the time if Goldflash had been with us."

But the delay in the journey meant Pocomoto was able to help another, although it caused his own life to be put at risk until rescue arrived dramatically from an unexpected quarter.

The first of three short stories featuring Pocomoto in Swift Annuals.
It starts on page 78 of the book, continues on page 79, 80 and almost fills page 81. There are three illustrations. The first, as can be seen above, is in portrait format. The other two are in landscape across the page, filling almost half the available space.

The artist, like the author, is not credited on the title page . In Swift annuals at this time this was normal, but on the Contents page the book lists all the Writers and Artists who had contributed. You will, however, look in vain for Rex Dixon. He is not mentioned. However the name Robert Martin is recorded. Reginald Martin used this name for his Joey books and for several other children's books he wrote at that time - why it is used here is not clear.

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