The Pintu Dogs

By Frank Denver (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1967 by Souvenir Press
not illustrated
paperback cover. Click to enlarge
Souvenir Press 1967
They were a huge, rare breed, trained to hunt pigs and they were called Karesh and Karna - the Pintu dogs. Daktari decides to test their hunting powers; they follow the scent and find not only pigs, but something else very strange.
There are other hunters in the jungle, too. And Pedro Gonzales and his companions seeking the legendary Amulet of Caracan will stop at nothing to get it.
When their paths cross, violence and danger threatens Marsh, Tracy, Jack, Paula and Handley - and a weird connection with the Amulet is revealed.
The second of several 'spin-off' stories from Ivan Tors' popular series Daktari.
This African adventure series was broadcast on BBC television in the 1960s. Its most memorable character was perhaps Clarence, the cross-eyed lion.

Souvenir Press was part of the New English Library and published 'Four Square' books. They brought out these stories following the popularity of the series. The first 'Daktari' paperback was Mystery at Wameru by Jess Shelton, this is the second. The third was also by Frank Denver: The Happy Hippo.

First Edition:
Souvenir Press Ltd. in association with The New English Library Ltd. April 1967:
Paperback; 108x180mm; 128 numbered pages; 110x180mm; no illustrations; the cover is illustrated with photographs from the television series; logo at top of spine is the 'Four square' logo; cover price 3/6.

Reprinted: 1970.

Foreign Edition:

Ullstein 1969:

German edition as Die Pintu-Hunde.

Paperback; 105x177 mm; 157 pages; cover photograph from the TV series, as the English edition.

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cover of the
German edition
Ullstein 1969

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