Personna Year Book of Sports No 1

By Robert Martin (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1969 by Pelham Books
Illustrated by photographs
first edition wrapper. Click to enlarge
first edition dustwrapper
Here at last is a sports book of interest not only to the enthusiast in any sporting activity but to all the family.

The blurb is accurate - here all sports are looked at - from Archery to Water Ski-ing. Each is described in all its forms - skills needed, equipment needed, regulations and how to get started if interested - really fascinating stuff.
(I am one of the least sports-orientated people on the planet and I found several here that tempt me - I wish I'd found the book fifty years ago ! - John)

First Edition:
Hardback; purple boards, silver lettering of title, author and publisher on spine, thick gilt line between title and author, front and rear boards plain; 150x220mm; 280pp; index; dated 1969; SBN 7207-0282-8; dustwrapper design by Peter Bennett; dual priced 25s net 1.25.

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