Pete of the Wild Grass Country

By Rex Dixon (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1954 by Nelson
Illustrated by Jack Harman
First edition wrapper. Click to enlarge and see full picture
First edition dustwrapper
Jack Harman
Nelson 1954
Pete Cimarron, the wild boy, was raised by Indians in the Wild Grass Country of Texas. When the indians moved on to new hunting grounds Pete was left to take care of himself. This he does by roaming over the Wild Grass country catching wild horses, which he sells to his friend Murky Joe. When the wagon trains from the east begin to settle near the Wild Grass Country, Pete finds himself swept into an exciting struggle to clain and hold his land.
Published as part of Nelson's Panther Library in two editions, one for schools use and the other for sale in shops.
First edition:
'Shop edition':
Nelson 1954:
hardback edition, with dustwrapper; red boards and black blocking, Panther Library logo in black on front board and in red on dustwrapper flap; 118 pages; 9 b/w illustrations, including frontispiece, by Jack Harman; dustwrapper full colour and picture wraps to include the spine panel; front flap has blurb - reproduced above; cover price 2/6 net.

'Schools edition':
Nelson 1954:

Probably at the same time as the hardback, if not before, this book appeared in a 'schools' edition, soft-bound in a canvas-like fabric with a section of questions for the reader following the story.
The cover is in brown and white with a large Panther logo; 136 pages, 118 of story followed by the question section; frontispiece and 8 full page black and white illustrations by Jack Harman; back cover lists 3 in the Panther Library, the two Joey books and Pete and the Prairie People; there is no cover price.

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