Rafe Bernard

pseudonym of Reginald Alec Martin

Author of Science Fiction 1954 -1967.

We know that Rafe Bernard was a pseudonym used by Reginald Martin from the records of the auction sale of a collection of the author's books in 2002 (Source 4) where his name was recorded as 'Ralph Bernard'.

The publishers Ward Lock & Co Limited published the Science Fiction title The Wheel in the Sky in 1954 as a hardback aimed at adults.
It is the story of the first man-made satellite being built out in space.
It was republished, aprobably a year or so later, as a paperback, using the same cover illustration.

It is, as far as we know, the only Sci-Fi story that Reginald Martin wrote for adults. However he was to reprise the name when he wrote a 'spin-off' story for SouvenirPress publishers in 1967. This was a 'spin-off' title from the successful television series 'The Invaders'.
The book is titled The Halo Highway.

As far as we are aware, these are the only two books written by Reginald Martin as Rafe Bernard.

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